2024 Hackers League



Website:  http://www.metrowestgolfing.com


This year, the 2024 Hackers league will play all four courses at Juniper Hills Golf and Country Club in Northborough, MA. We will

alternate playing Lakeside Front and Back and Riverside Front and Back with the other Tuesday night leagues.


COST FOR 2024:

Dues: $75.00 CHECK (NO cash), no later than April 15th payable to Carl Sussman (purpose of check is for “2024 Hackers League”).  Carl’s PayPal account is

carlsussman5@gmail.com . Carl’s Venmo account @Carl-Sussman-2


·        Weekly green fees are $ 30.00

·        Cart fees (9 holes ) are $ 16.00 (per player)



1.0        Our first and most important rule is to HAVE FUN.   


1.1           The 2024 league will tee off PROMPTLY at 4:10PM with subsequent tees at 10 minute intervals thru 5:20.   Please be at the first tee and ready to go 10 minutes before your appointed time.

1.2          Play will begin Tuesday April 23rd and will run for 15 weeks.  There will be no league play July 4th week.


1.3          DRUG/ALCOHOL POLICY:   Alcohol is now allowed on the Course. It may be purchased at the Snack bar between the 1st and 10th holes on Lakeside or from the beverage cart. Note: Alcohol may not be brought back across Brigham St. No recreational drugs of any kind are allowed on the course or course property at any time.




2          HANDICAPS:

2.1          USGA Maximum Handicap Rules will be in effect.  Men 18, Women 20.


2.2       Handicaps will be updated and posted weekly.  League handicaps will be calculated using each player’s best 5 rounds out of his/her previous 8 rounds.  It is each player’s responsibility to know his or her correct handicap for scoring purposes.  No player may receive more than 1 STROKE on any Par 3 hole regardless of handicap. Any strokes not used on the Par 3 may not be used on another hole.



2.3          All new Players without established league handicap or GHIN will use their first round score as their initial handicap.  This handicap will be calculated as follows:

Score – 35(Par) - .5 (largest differential over par on any hole), rounded up

            For Example: Player X shoots 48, with an 8 on a par 4.  His/her initial     
            handicap would be 11 (48 – 35 – 2).

            Subsequently, the following formula will be used to calculate the new player’s


Number of Scores       Number of Scores Used

2                                  lowest 1

3 or 4                          lowest 2

5 or 6                          lowest 3

7                                  lowest 4

8                                  lowest 5



3          Match play:

3.1          The format of play is a modified Four-ball stroke play. 


3.1.1       Match scoring: There are a total of 20 points per match available.   2 points will be awarded to the team winning a hole.  2 points will be awarded to the team winning the match.  Tied holes or matches will be worth 1 point.


3.1.2      All player handicaps for the match will be calculated relative to the lowest handicap in the foursome, with strokes granted based on the difficulty of each hole. Men and women will use their respective Handicaps to determine where strokes are given.


Example:    Player 1 – Handicap.   5

                  Player 2 – Handicap.   7

Player 3 – Handicap.   9

Player 4 – Handicap.   14


Player 2 would receive a stroke on each of the two hardest holes

Player 3 would receive a stroke on each of the four hardest holes      

Player 4 would receive a stroke on every hole                           

3.1.3      The player with the low net score on a hole wins that hole for their team. 

      The team with the most holes won overall for the match will  
       receive (2) points.  If there is a tie for total holes won, each
       team will receive one (1) point.


3.2          Single Player Rule: If only one team player shows for his or her team, he/she will play against the opposing team members using his/her handicap.


3.3          No-Show Rule: The team that is present will play against Par (i.e. the Course) and will automatically receive 2 points for the overall match. The team that does not show will receive zero (0) points for that match.


3.4          Bye Week:  If there is a Bye week, the team with the Bye will play against Par (i.e. the Course) for the 20 available points.  The team must play or they will be awarded 0 points for the week.


3.5          Course Shutdown: If Juniper closes the course due to lightning, etc.


a.     If ALL matches have NOT completed 5 holes, the week will be a RAIN-OUT and rescheduled at the end of the year, space permitting.

b.     If ALL matches have completed 5 holes, matches still on the course will split the remaining holes and the team leading the match will be

awarded the 2 match points; if tied 1 point each.


3.6          All matches will tee off at their appointed times.  Players arriving late may join the match in progress at the next available tee.

3.7          Men will play from the Blue tees.  Women will play from the Red tees.

3.8          Tee Shot Drop Areas:   To speed up play, use the following drop zones when your tee shot is lost.


Lakeside #6   Forward Tee Box

Lakeside #8   Forward Tee Box

Lakeside #14 Designated Drop Zone


Riverside #12 Forward Tee Box



3.9          All players are REQUIRED to Play READY golf with particular emphasis on:  

BALLS LOST / OUT OF BOUNDS - If you do not find your ball after 3 minutes
then your ball is considered lost!  All lost and/or out of bounds balls should be played as if they have entered a “lateral” hazard.

One Stroke Penalty – Drop within 2 club lengths of point of entry, but no
            closer to the hole.


3.10        You may play “preferred lie” at all times, IN THE FAIRWAY ONLY.

3.10     Since the Rules committee “plays” in the league, they cannot vote on any ruling if their team is involved.  Again the President/Vice President of the league is then drafted to assist in the ruling.


4          PLAYOFFS:

4.1          The top 4 teams with the highest number of points for the overall season will compete in the Playoffs.   There will not be a first and second half winner.  In the event of a tie for overall points, the team with the most ‘Holes Won’ will advance.  Every hole counts !!


4.1.1       Semi-finals: Team 1 will play Team 4; Team 2 will play Team 3.

4.1.2      Finals:   Winner 1/4  will play winner 2/3

4.1.3      Playoffs will be held on a course TBD


4.2          There will be no substitutes allowed in the Playoffs unless the player has substituted on the team 4 or more times.


4.3          Tie-Breaker.  In the event of a tie after 9 holes, the match will be decided by matching cards.